It’s very easy to crack the password with john/hashcat

zip2john >music.hash
john music.hash
john --show music.hash

Let’s see how many command john support

which john
ls /usr/sbin/*|grep john
locate office2john


hashcat -a 3 -m 9600 hash.txt -1 “?l?d” “?1?1korea”   –show
hashcat -a 3 -m 0 34d8d24499f2d3d4fa9c42a5988a4c69 ?d?d?l?l?s?s –show
hashcat –force –status –hash-type=13751 –attack-mode=0 –workload-profile=2 container wordlist.txt
john –wordlist:wiki.txt4 keeppass.hash
john –wordlist:name_food_city.txt id_rsa_secret.hash
kali@kali:/mnt/hgfs/ctf/ctf_kali/veracryptcrack2/containerfiles$ hashcat -g 20000 -m 16500 -a 0 JWT.txt  rockyou_korea.txt  

Crack Office/zip with John/hashcat

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