Show some examples about how to use SET to do some testing

Start Social-Engineer Toolkit(SET)

Example:Phishing for get username/password for the Website login

Follow the steps

  • 1. Social-Engineering Attacks
  • 2. Website Attack Vectors
  • 3. Credential Harvester Attack Method
  • 4. Web Templates
  • 5. Google
  • 6. Then open the link, and input username/password, you can see the plaintext username/password in the console

Example2: Control the remote machine with payload attack

  • Social-Engineering Attacks
  • Create a Payload and Listener
  • Windows Meterpreter Reverse_TCP X64 Connect back to the attacker (Windows x64), Meterpreter
  • IP address for the payload listener (LHOST):
  • Enter the PORT for the reverse listener:80
  • Share the file to the target machine “/root/.set/payload.exe”, and execute it
  • Then boom, it will connect your machine, and you can control the target machine.
    • [*] Started reverse TCP handler on
    • msf6 exploit(multi/handler) >

Social-Engineer Toolkit(SET)
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