Pooshup 2.0.0 for Android Release


I have just uploaded  the Pooshup 2.0.0 to Google Play.

Because it  looks not so perfect, so if you have any suggestion, please DO NOT hesitate to contact me.

(The iOS version already released in Apple App Store, you can download it from here.)

So what’s Pooshup?

To be brief, it is a simple application used to do pushups. It use the mobile phone’s proximity sensor to detect the pushups.

Why develop it?

No complicate reason, just for fun, for the lazy guys. It is just a simple idea, and we make it to happen. To have a health life, help people to do some simple exercise, at office or at home or any place if you want, just do it.

What we get?

It won

  •  the AngelHack Shanghai 2013
  •  the StartupWeekend Shanghai 2013
  •  the hottest booth of TechCrunch Shanghai 2013

So it is really amazing and funny, how do  you think about it?

So Next…

We are joining the Global HACKcelerator event, and don’t know how far we can reach. Maybe we can have the chance to the Silicon Valley, who knows.

Our Pooshup Story

I have written a presentation to share our pooshup story.

More information about Pooshup

We have already set  up the official web site configed with the registed domain name:




Thanks to my friends and colleagues, your guys are really awesome. Really appreciated for your support and feedback.

Pooshup 2.0.0 for Android Release
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